Leg or Shin of Beef Stew

Mary Conniffe from Robertstown, Co. Kildare sent me a recipe from her mother’s Collins school series Domestic Economy. This stew, which Mary’s mother cooked for them when they were young, uses leg or shin of beef, which was a very popular cut and really delicious. It melted off the bone when properly cooked. The recipe was even costed – what wonderful training for young women!

Ingredients & Cost

  • 3lbs of Leg or Shin of Beef, about 8d. per lb 2s 0d
  • 2 Turnips and 2 Carrots, about 1 1/2d 1½d
  • 4 Onions 2d
  • Bunch of Mixed Herbs
  • (i.e., Marjoram, Thyme and parsley) ½d
  • 1 Gill of Vinegar ½d
  • Pepper and Salt to taste
  • Total 2s. 4½d

Cut the meat into neat slices, and dip each into the vinegar. Wash and scrape the carrots, and cut them into dice; also peel the turnips thickly, and cut into dice. Peel the onions and then parboil them. When the vegetables are prepared, put the meat into a saucepan with the vegetables, herbs, pepper and salt. Place the lid on tightly, and let the whole stew gently at the side of the fire for at least three hours.

Note: No water is required in cooking this stew, as the vinegar in addition to making the meat tender, draws out the gravy.

Download the Leg or Shin of Beef Stew recipe as a PDF.

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