Potato and Fresh Herb Soup

This is one of the most delicious of all soups when made with good Irish potatoes and the bonus of fresh herbs which would have been found in a monastery garden years ago. According to Dr Synott of the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, culinary and medicinal herbs are likely to have been brought from [...]

Porter Cake

Porter cake, made with the black stout of Ireland, is now an established Irish cake, rich and moist with ‘plenty of cutting’. Either Guinness, Murphy, Beamish or some of the fine stouts from the growing number of new artisan breweries can be used, depending on where your loyalties lie. Download the full recipe for Porter [...]

Pigs’ Tails with Swede Turnips

Pigs’ Tails with Swede Turnips. Pigs’ tails are irreverently known in Cork as ‘slash farts’ or ‘pigs’ mud-guards’, they are still available in Cork’s English Market. Mrs Cullinane cooked these pigs’ tails for me in her home in Ballymacoda and very tasty they were too. Serves 6   6 pigs’ tails 1 swede turnip, peeled [...]

Papie’s Roast Duck with Sage and Onion Stuffing

Papie’s Roast Duck with Sage and Onion Stuffing. My maternal grandfather, whom we called Papie Tynan, was very fond of his food. He reared ducks, geese, chickens and guinea fowl for the table. The ducks and geese had a happy life, puddling about in the pond and pecking at the windfall apples in the orchard, [...]

Nana Dennehy’s Autumn Apple Pie

Nonie Dennehy and granddaughter Eimear shared this recipe to celebrate Grandmother’s Day 8 ozs (225 g) butter 8 ozs (225 g) caster sugar 4 eggs, preferably free range 11 oz (300 g) self-raising flour 2 good – size cooking apples Cream the butter and sugar until light, fluffy and pale in colour. Add each egg, [...]