Irish Colcannon Soup

In Season: Year round Colcannon is one of Irelands best loved traditional potato dishes. Fluffy mashed potato flecked with cooked cabbage or kale. This soup uses identical ingredients to make a delicious soup

Leg or Shin of Beef Stew

Mary Conniffe from Robertstown, Co. Kildare sent me a recipe from her mother’s Collins school series Domestic Economy. This stew, which Mary’s mother cooked for them when they were young, uses leg or shin of beef, which was a very popular cut and really delicious. It melted off the bone when properly cooked. The recipe [...]

Kerry Treacle Bread

This recipe was described to me by Mrs. McGillycuddy from Glencar in Co. Kerry, who still makes it occasionally. A richer treacle bread, closer to gingerbread, was and still is widely made in Ulster.

Irish Apple Cake

Apple cakes like this one are the traditional sweet in Ireland. The recipe varies from house to house and the individual technique has been passed from mother to daughter for generations. It would originally have been baked in a bastible or pot beside an open fire and later in the oven or stove on tin [...]

Farmhouse Chicken

When this dish comes out of the aga, everyone licks their lips. It has always been a favourite family supper in our house, a whole meal in one dish. Originally Mummy reared the chickens herself and she always served it in a big black roasting tin.

Country Rhubarb Cake

This delicious juicy rhubarb cake, based on an enriched bread dough, was made all over the country. Originally it would have been baked in the bastible or ‘baker’ beside an open fire. My mother, who taught me this recipe, varied the filling with the seasons. Serves 8 Download Country Rhubarb Cake as a PDF for Printing

Blackberry and Apple Tart

Blackberries and apples were referred to in glowing terms in the Irish medieval Fionn Mac Cumhaill legends. ‘Beautiful golden yellow apples’ and ‘beautiful blackberries’ are frequently mentioned in the 12th-century Fianna text Agallamh na Seanórach (The Colloquy of the Ancients). Variations Damson Tart Worcesterberry Tart Rhubarb Tart Download Blackberry and Apple Tart as a PDF for Printing

Butterfly Buns

These buns may be iced with dark chocolate icing or coffee icing. They are also delicious, painted with raspberry jam or redcurrant jelly and dipped in coconut. Download Beautiful Butterfly Buns as a PDF for Printing.

Fairy Cakes

Once you’ve made your buns you can have fun icing and decorating, and putting twiddles and bows and whatever else on top! People used to make these laboriously using the creaming method, but I now shoot the whole lot into a food-processor, whizz it up for 4–5 seconds and bake in the usual way. It may not be [...]

Ballymaloe Irish Stew

In her Ballymaloe Cookbook (1977), Myrtle Allen discusses the question of carrots in the Irish Stew – everyone she asked says they did put them in. Her mother did, as did everyone in Shanagarry. It seems to have been common practice in the south and Myrtle noted that they were used as far north as [...]